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We specialize in providing fresh, exciting meals during flexible hours, ensuring that you'll be getting your well-deserved welcome no matter when your hunger strikes. Lunch  and dinner is served until 9:30PM Sun-Thurs and 10:00PM Fri-Sun, so be sure to pick up a sufficient appetite before you come. You'll certainly need it, with the size of the portions we're planning on serving you.

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Our Story

Deciding to open a smokehouse was easy, deciding what style of BBQ was the hard part. I decided to go with the purest concept...Texas BBQ. The process is preparing and slowly smoking the meats for maximum tenderness and flavor. At Rocco's we smoke all our meats in custom built smokers. We use our dry rub, oak and hickory woods for flavor. And of course we make three great BBQ sauces....

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Grab & Go

We offer our slowly cooked meats by the pound so that you can enjoy them at home. We also offer our delicious corn muffins and Grab & Go Lunch.


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